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Recipes for disaster

Recipes for Disaster records the climate crisis. As told through risk-laden desserts, this darkly humurous take on how and what we consume gathers the toxic recipes that are hurling us toward ecological disaster.
• see Recipes for Disaster video here
• 10.25 x 8.25 inches
• printed 2020
• 68 pages on coated paper with die cut front and back cover
• spiral bound
• edition of 150 copies

$30 (plus $8 US shipping)


Pliant History

A reflection on the transition of power, Pliant History confronts and transforms Michelangelo's icons of art history. Contemporary portraits of women interact with printed vellum overlays, with text excerpts from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
see Pliant History video here
hand bound by Candor Arts in Japanese silk with blind embossed front and spine.
7.5 x 10.5 inches
• printed
• 72 pages with vellum interleaves
• printed with carbon black piezography inks by the artists

• Edition of 9

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In the collection of Bainbridge Island Art Museum and in private collections

Feed Twitter Feed and Trump

Twitter Feed is a compilation of Tweets excerpted from the Twitter account of a rogue White House Senior Advisor (@RogueSNRadvisor) chronicling President Trump's fast food binges in response to the stresses of his office. The Tweets themselves mirror the highly addicting, quick, nutrionally empty, fast food that fuels our president and our country.
• 8 pages printed on coated paper with a backdrop of bright, bloated logos from the fast food giants of America (folds to 4 x 6")
• accompanied by a 2 sided 4 x 6" postcard featuring Donald Trump made of junk food with ingredients list printed on back
• packaged together in a Cheetoh colored envelope
• limited run of 250 copies
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In the collection of 10x10 Photobooks

Processed Views

Processed Views: surveying the industrial landscape Postcard set

The book consists of a die-cut cover which houses 10 oversized postcards
• images are from the series Processed Views
•printed on premium uncoated stock
• includes a reference card with the Carleton Watkins' images which inspired the series
• limited run of 500 copies

In the collections of Western Americana at the Beinecke Library Yale University; Indie PhotoBook Library; Golda Meir Library/University of Wisconsin; Hellenic Centre for Photography, Athens, Greece; Phoenix Art Musuem; Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection.

$25.00 (plus $5 for US shipping)

the lunchbox

The Lunch Box

An accordian fold book housed in a wax paper lunch bag.
• measures 5 x 5 inches folded, 30 inches flat
• archival pigment prints
• limited edition of 30
• numbered and signed on title card

In the collections of Indie PhotoBook Library; Golda Meir Library/University of Wisconsin

$25.00 (plus $5 for US shipping)
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All Things Book

All Things Are Always Changing

A 72 page monograph containing images from the five- part series All Things Are Always Changing, a meditation on time, beauty and change.

• 8 1/4 x 12 inch perfect bound,
• printed on premium white paper
• $25.00 plus shipping

nh cover nh inside


Evoking an herbarium, the Natural History portfolio is a collection of 12 unique cyanotypes over digital prints in a custom made portfolio case. Each portrait is housed in a slipsheet printed with taxonomic notes.
• edition of 4 variants
• custom made cloth covered portfolio case with printed inset, introduction and colophon
• each portfolio contains 12 unique 16x20 inch cyanotype portraits

Portfolio I is in the collection of the Yale Center for British Art.

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Filed Notes Artists book

Field Notes I

A limited edition artists' book.
• edition of 5
• case with 3 accordian folded inserts
• 12 x 36 inches
• archival pigment prints
• $300

In the collection of the Yale Center for British Art.

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seed book sprout

Filed notes Magcloud edition Field Notes 2

Field Notes

The catalog version of the artists' book of collected writings from a botanically themed workshop hosted in conjunction with the exhibition The Nature of a Collective. Led by writer Anja Notanja Sieger, participants considered the process of regeneration and elaborated upon the forces found within the plant world in a series of quick, collaborative writing exercises. We framed the texts with photographic images made in response. The book records an exercise in regeneration, connecting the many paths of how we come to know.
• 28 pages
• 8 1/2 x 11 inch perfect bound
• printed on premium white paper
• $10.00 plus shipping





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