P  L  A  Y  T  I  M  E     A R T I S T S’   S T A T E M E N T

We have been collaborating on photography since l978 when we began making photographic stories about our common experiences as women. These narratives extended into the world when we began traveling across America, using the landscape and architecture as “stage sets” for our interpretation of the human condition. In the early l990’s we returned to the domestic landscape when we each embarked on the odyssey of family life.

As typical parents, we dutifully took photos of our children, but soon found ourselves driven to photograph the colorful landscape of kids’ culture: the toys, sticky messes and treasures littering dressers, tables and floors. By documenting these small scenes, we are able to capture the non-events that describe the intricate realities of childhood (…or is that motherhood?).
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